RETURN of the DARK TITAN... (Cartoon Animation)

2023-12-05 0 0 1,730,478 YouTube

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► SUBSCRIBE to the Channel! - The Dark Titan, broken and betrayed, undergoes a malevolent transformation, merging with the Upgraded Scient Skibidi Toilet to become even more powerful. Outside the complex, the Alliance faces an unprecedented threat—the colossal Skibid-AT-ATs wreak havoc, with the upgraded Dark Titan leading the charge. Desperation grips the Alliance as they unleash their fighter jets against the mechanical onslaught. In the skies, Upgraded Titan TV Man confronts the Dark Titan, setting the stage for a lightsaber battle of epic proportions! Meanwhile, Cam and Speaker Woman embark on a perilous mission within the Dark Titan's head. Experience the thrills, the betrayals, and the explosive climax as the Dark Titan's reign threatens to reshape the world! Can the Alliance prevail, or will darkness reign supreme? Find out in this gripping finale! 🔥💥 Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and share to show your support for this channel! Follow us here for all sorts of cool stuff! ► INSTAGRAM: 📸 ► TIK TOK: 🎵 Suggested rating: TV-PG This video contains material not suitable for younger audiences. Published under license between Newscape Studios and DaFuq Marks.