No One Thinks I’m Worthy And It Breaks My Heart

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No One Thinks I’m Worthy Of Success And It Breaks My Heart ❀ Thank you for your constant support and engagement! We have received many stories and are working on animating them! ❀ A PROFESSIONAL Voice Actor will record your story! We do everything to keep your identity private, unless you wish differently! Hi, my name’s Willow, and a few years back something happened at school that really shook my confidence. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been a good student. You know, the typical teacher’s pet, with my nose stuck in a book. I always got my homework done early, I aced every test, and I was proud of that. My friends knew how hard I worked, how seriously I took my school work. I was really lucky they accepted that about me, they were great. So, when they came to me for extra help, we’d have fun while doing studying together. It seemed great but then things changed overnight. It all started when our principal announced a new scholarship. She said that the best performing students in each grade would get have all their school fees paid. I think everyone wanted to win; I mean who wouldn’t. But a lot of people didn’t put in the work; they couldn’t be bothered or didn’t change what they were doing to be better. As for me, I started working even harder, because I knew that my parents could do with the extra money, plus I wanted them to be proud of me. Bit by bit, I stopped going out as much; I started to cancel plans and focused mostly on school work. I felt terrible for not seeing my friends but I really needed a shot at having the scholarship. I put my back out working as hard as I could for it. I think initially my friends didn’t mind, but over time, they seemed to begin to resent it. I didn’t notice though, at least not until it was too late. Finally, the day of the awards ceremony came. The whole school gathered in the main hall. One by one, the names of the winners were announced. I began to get super anxious and nervous as the names were called out and mine was nowhere to be heard. I worried I hadn’t worked quite hard enough and everything I’d done would have been for nothing. A little feeling of dread sat in my stomach like a rock, weighing through me, I was so nervous. I think I lost a little more hope with each name called. Time must have passed without me knowing, but finally, the last name was about to be called. That’s it, I thought, everything is over. I was so shocked when the principal said my name; I practically jumped out of my seat with joy. For a moment I was so full of a buzzing excitement and pride. But that happiness didn’t last long. Almost immediately one of my classmates turned around and gave me a really dirty look. “You don’t deserve this. Your parents have the money; you didn’t have to sacrifice anything to get this.” I was shocked and embarrassed. The whole of my class had heard what he’d said and I wanted to disappear into the ground. I’d never been rich, but what nobody knew is that my dad had just got out of several surgeries after a really bad car accident. He’d lost his job and wasn’t able to work. My mum had been using all our family savings for medical bills, and the last bits were being used just to get us by. Getting the scholarship was a huge deal to me. This felt like such a punch in the gut. I began to doubt myself, maybe I hadn’t really studied hard or worked enough to deserve this. I felt really ashamed and like I’d been caught out lying. I’d never thought it was possible that something like this could pull my friends away from me. But over the next week, I realised how much this would change my life; in both good and bad ways. Before it’d seemed like being a top student had pulled my friends closer, and we’d connected over that, now it just seemed to push them, and everyone else away. People at school began to say nasty things when I walked by, laughing and mocking me when I answered questions during class. It seemed like I was being punished for being who I’d always been and rather than feeling clever, now I felt like a fool.