This Mod COMBINES New and Old Minecraft!

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Get 10% off GFUEL! Use code PALADINRYAN - Amazon Affiliate Store :) Support the channel here - Modern beta is a minecraft mod working up to version 1.19.3 at the time of making this video. Modern beta is a nostalgic minecraft mod that brings in the major terrain generation engines from minecraft classic through beta 1.7.3 and combines them into new minecraft versions. This leads to wacky terrain generation, as well as insane customization to fit any nostalgic trip. So join me as I explain the generator, explore some famous old minecraft seeds in modern minecraft, and show you how this mod combines new AND old minecraft together! Modern Beta - Custom Fog - Custom Stars - Custom Void - Golden Days Resource Pack - Join my official channel discord server!: Donations (ily) to the tip jar here - _____________________________________________________________ More content here! ---- Follow me on twitter for updates!: _______________________________________________________________ this nostalgic minecraft mod beta showcase is brought to u by jelly donuts special thanks to the devs for making the modern beta minecraft mod! 0:00 Introduction 0:39 World Creation Explanation 2:38 Revisiting Old Famous Seeds 5:40 Skylands and Pocket Edition 7:08 Complementary Beta Mods 8:18 Thank you, b3spectacled! #minecraft #minecraftmods #minecraftnostalgia