Defunctland: The Bizarre Garfield Dark Ride

2022-05-19 92,024 0 1,943,925 YouTube

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In this minisode, Kevin dives deep into the history of Kennywood's Old Mill and the infamous Garfield overlay, Garfield's Nightmare. History Sources: David Hahner Jr. - Brian Butko - Boaz Frankel - Video Sources: Historic Pittsburgh - David Hahner - Blacklight Attractions - XscreamThrills - RampagingRex Productions - TheCoasterMan - WackyWeazle - Leonard Kinsey / The Dark Side of Disney - TomWasHere - Dark Ride Archive - The Coaster Spot - Television Archives - Amusement Now - Buy Defunctland T-Shirts: Donate on Patreon: Facebook Group: Defunctland Twitter: Defunctland Subreddit: For more great content, visit