My Friends Trapped Me In Quicksand, So I Got Revenge

2021-11-30 28,327 0 1,386,201 YouTube

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►My Friends Trapped Me In Quicksand So I Got Revenge 👍 "LIKE" FOR MORE Minecraft! ✔️Subscribe to me pls 👀 FOLLOW ME :D Twitch 📲 📸 🕹️Fan Discord: my friends @Doni Bobes @Bionic @Liger @Saf @Kiply and @Sheep decide to go and trap me in a infinite loop, so I escaped and get revenge but they trap me in quicksand which is like one block, thats why my friends kill my pet and i take revenge on the deadliest minecraft smp, will i get revenge against my friends, this is a video similar to AJTheBold and MinecraftCurios - The infinity gauntlet and deep dark are hard to get revenge #Minecraft #MinecraftRevenge