Minecraft Live: Vote For The Enderlate?

2022-05-14 35,278 0 810,928 YouTube

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Minecraft if it had another mob vote. We added new mobs for each dimension and the one with the most votes gets to stay in the game. 🌎 Play on ORIGIN REALMS and see these mobs for yourself! play.originrealms.com │ http://originrealms.com 🛠️ Team Workshop: - Endergy & ModSully (Art) - itisbeez (Pixel Art) - ZainJx (Development) 💛 Become A Member! - https://youtube.com/syszee/join 💬 Join My Official Discord! - http://discord.gg/syszee 🔷 Follow Me On Twitter! - https://twitter.com/systemzee 📷 Follow Me On Instagram! - https://instagram.com/syszee Minecraft, but I made a new mob vote. I tested them in Minecraft and so should you. If you enjoyed this, check out I Unleashed the Multiverse in Minecraft!