Infinite Craft is Hilarious..

2024-03-04 0 0 1,028,533 YouTube

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Today I decided to Play Infinite Craft by speedrunning vs my friends. Who do you think won? Infinite Craft is a game where you drag 2 words together, and AI does it's best to give you the most relevant word combining the 2. I did a race to see how long it would take one of us to get 3 points. It was definitely more difficult than I thought in the beginning but I got the hang of it. Infinite Craft is Cursed but still Hilarious. I do have plans to upload more variety to this channel so this is more of a test to see how you guys like it! Leave a like and Subscribe for more! This is my first time posting something other than Wordle and Wordless. Let me know if you guys want more videos like this! Wordle is going to be every Wednesday still. Friends in the video: @Tranium @SlayedByBlade @EthanhasYouTube I'm going to be uploading to this channel EVERY Wednesday! Subscribe for more! Wordle, Guess the Song, Geoguessr, and other browser videos that I post on Whos Suda. Let me know if there's a game you think I should play similar to this one! This was my infinite Craft Tournament with Other Youtubers. What do you want to see next?