My First Ever Pokemon Nuzlocke

2021-04-11 54,012 0 1,391,466 YouTube

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As the god-tier gamer that I am, no challenge is too big for me! That's why I set all of my plans aside today to purely focus on doing this Pokemon Nuzlocke challenge. 13 hours of pure sweat and tears to bring you some amazing content so can I get 1 like for every tear shed? RIP monke ūüė• Follow My Twitch: My Main YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Discord: Instagram: Video Edited By: Amazon Affiliate Links (I Get Commission if used): My Audio Interface: My Streaming Audio Interface: My Microphone: My USB Budget Microphone Recommendation: My XLR Budget Microphone Recommendation: My Camera: My Lense: My Tripod: My Lighting: My Headset: #CDawgVA #Pokemon #Nuzlocke