Why Apple Burns $2,000,000 Every 6 months

2022-05-13 474,861 0 4,821,143 YouTube

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Apple just got sued and lost So the story starts a couple of years ago when Apple removed the charging brick from new iPhone orders. They said this was to help the environment. But experts said that the impact on the environment would be minimal. Unfortunately for a Brazilian iPhone user, this caused emotional damage. So he sued Apple on the basis that Apple broke the law by not shipping the device required to charge the iPhone. The user won $1,000 dollars, but this isn't the first time Apple lost money in Brazil because of the charger. Brazil actually plans on fining Apple $2 million dollars every 6 months. They first did it 1 year ago, then did it again 6 months ago. But why is Apple okay with this? Apple makes an extra $6.5 billion dollars a year by removing the charger