Midwest Siri

2021-02-10 55,624 0 1,756,903 YouTube

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Introducing Midwest Siri, better known as Sheryl, Sheryl Lizinski. Featuring: Maren Larsen as Sheryl @You Betcha Grandma Sue Sitka Salmon Shares Follow me at these places: Twitter: @CharlieBerens Instagram: @CharlieBerens Facebook: www.facebook.com/charlieberensTV For more Manitowoc Minute click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRY-eAwoPfKBdGfuDu081r-bSMapeg0GB Manitowoc Minute T-shirts: www.manitowocminute.com Charlie Berens downloads the new iOpeS update for iPhone, giving him a Midwest version of the virtual assistant Siri, named Sheryl. Sheryl is able to understand the Midwest dialect better and helps Charlie pick out church clothes, nurse a hangover, and Facetime his Grandma Sue to help him cook his Sitka Salmon.