This Mod Shows What Minecraft Alpha Could've Been

2023-02-28 0 0 134,146 YouTube

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Get 10% off GFUEL! Use code PALADINRYAN - Amazon Affiliate Store :) Support the channel here - Introducing possibly the best alpha minecraft mod ever made, Not So Seecret Saturday. The not so secret saturday mod for minecraft shows what Minecraft alpha could've been, had notch never released the nether or halloween update for alpha 1.2. It has many amazing features, like adding sponges back and sprint in alpha! Join my official channel discord server!: NSSS Patch Notes - NSSS Download - MultiMC (highly recommended to run the mod) - Donations (ily) to the tip jar here - _____________________________________________________________ More content here! ---- Follow me on twitter for updates!: _______________________________________________________________ 0:00 Introduction 0:32 World Creation & the Little Things 2:48 World Types 5:15 SPRINT! 5:54 Commands & Creative 7:07 SPONGES!!! 7:29 Concluding Thoughts a secret? naw fam, not so secret saturday minecraft #minecraft #minecraftalpha #minecraftmods