Red Ball Speedruns - Beyond the 3-Minute Milestone

2024-03-04 0 0 202,231 YouTube

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This is the story of Red Ball's speedrun world record history after its legendary 3-minute barrier was shattered. Volume 1 of 2. This video serves as a continuation of the following: Original World Record Progression (Part 1) - How eg's 3:07 was Defeated (Part 2.1) - Death Warp Explained (Part 2.2) - Sub 3 Video (Part 2.3) - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music List- - The Relic Song remaster was created by @The_Zame - The Aria Math Remix was created by @Tumble40 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Related Links: The Story of Sub 20 Train- @Insane_Games' 2 Hour Long Train Video - Red Ball 2 World Record Progression - Red Ball 3 World Record Progression - Red Ball Speedrunning Discord- Red Ball Beginner Speedrun Tutorial- The First sub 2:50 (Spoilers) - Red Ball TAS- Red Ball Segmented Run- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal Links: Patreon- Twitch- Twitter- Discord- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- World Record Progression Graph Created Using: #maximum #Speedrun #RedBall