Disney Pixar Inside Out Control Console & Light Up Glow JOY Doll Toy Unboxing Video Cookie

2015-12-10 15 Dailymotion

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The Console is at the center of the Headquarters. Its what the emotions use to control Rileys mood and actions. Joy brings the emotions of happiness in the .\r
Joy will bring a smile wherever she goes with this deluxe talking doll inspired by the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out. See her face light up and hear her speak .\r
Joy from Disney Pixar Inside Out movie is in control at the Console in the center of the Headquarters but this time she will be controlling the happiness of other .\r
Disney Frozen Queen Elsa is riding around in a sled with Sven, oh wow blind bags to unbox from Littlest Pet Shop, Shopkins Season 2, hello kitty, a surprise egg .