Germany Says Hackers Infiltrated Main Government Network

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Germany Says Hackers Infiltrated Main Government Network
German Parliament succeeded that As this involved the government network, which is used for communication and email traffic and a lot of daily exchanges,
but does not primarily involve secret or top-secret information, it must also be carefully examined whether data has been leaked.
The attack comes two years after German security officials determined
that Fancy Bear hackers were able to breach the German Parliament’s data network, leading to calls for increased security on the country’s most sensitive systems.
Investigators with Palo Alto Networks said that groups associated with Fancy Bear had used "malicious emails targeting foreign affairs agencies and ministries in North America and Europe, including a European embassy in Moscow." German media reported
that the country’s Defense Ministry had also been targeted.
German news outlets, citing security sources, have widely blamed a Russian hacking group backed
by the Russian government — either one called Snake, or another known as APT28, or Fancy Bear.
BERLIN — Hackers using highly sophisticated software penetrated the German government’s main data network, a system
that was supposed to be particularly secure and is used by the chancellor’s office, ministries and the Parliament, government officials have said.
That information, while unconfirmed, was supported by a report by Palo Alto Networks, a cyber security firm, pointing to what it called "a new set of attacks" by Russian hackers
that appeared to be aimed at the diplomatic community in the West.