Lake Van - Turkey’s Third Largest Lake [Van / Turkey]

2019-06-12 1 Dailymotion

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Lake Van - In the times of ancient Greece it was known as Thospitis Lacus, or Arsissa Lacus, which is derived from the Urartian city of Van, or ancient Chauon. Lake Van is the largest lake in Turkey and the second largest in the Middle East. It's also the biggest sodium water lake in the world. The lake lies on the high grounds of Eastern Anatolian region near the border with Iran. It was formed by a crater caused by a volcanic explosion of Nemrud mount near the province of Van. It covers an area of 1,434 square miles and is more than 74 miles across at its widest point. It's elevation from the sea level is 1,646 meters, deepest point is 457 meters.

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