A funny horse lies down on the grass and eats it in an unusual way

2022-08-05 11,673 Dailymotion

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Watch an unusual sight of a courageous horse eating grass while lying down on the grass.

You're probably wondering how can she be called brave for this act. Well, her bravery stems from her past.

"A year and a half ago, I bought Marley from a horse dealer," Kimberly Van Herk said. "She came with a lot of (old) injuries and pain. She had tumors and ulcers, she was lame, she just had a foal (but nowhere to be found) and had a back injury among a lot of other things.

"I've spent a year with vets trying to get her back to normal. I even started a new study to become a holistic equine therapist to better guide Marley.

"She is now doing very well but remains traumatized. She can bite if she doesn't trust you, and some injuries are chronic, but with the right care, housing, and medication, she is now well under control!

"I am just so very happy and proud to see that after all that she (and we) have been through, she never gave up on life."

Name: Kimberly Van Herk
Location: Moordrecht, Netherlands

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