Man 'Proposes' to Stepdaughter After Getting Engaged To Her Mom | Happily TV

2023-03-16 66,877 Dailymotion

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A stepdad who got engaged to his fiancée the night before shared a sweet video when he then ‘proposed’ to his stepdaughter with a promise ring, fighting back tears as he said he would always be there for her. Anthony Eagle, 38, said that he understood that his engagement would be a big step for everyone in his family – especially his stepdaughter, Ella – and so he wanted to do something to make the eight-year-old feel extra special. As he got down on one knee to explain to Ella how he had asked her mom, Kathleen Disher, 47, known as Cat, to marry him, he then mentioned how that meant she would become a special part of his life, too. After giving the speech, which Cat captured on video, Anthony presented Ella with a promise ring to support this statement. He and Cat met through TikTok a little more than a year ago, as Cat would often watch Anthony’s videos with Ella, who was the one who suggested her mom reach out. Mandatory credit: @chrimsan0 / T&T Creative Media