AF447 Techno Catastrophe : A330 ICED-UP TUBES

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AF447 Techno Catastrophe A330 ICED-UP TUBES as cause of air probable Technostrophe. The A330 that crashed had not yet been modified by Air France with new tubes. Air France has 19 A340s and 15 A330s.
Crash theories being considered by investigators include the possibility that external speed monitors — called pitot tubes — iced over and gave dangerously false readings to cockpit computers in a thunderstorm.
NB The pitot tubes are small probes on the exterior of the fuselage that measure the pressure of air rushing into them and thereby gauge the plane's speed.
BRUNO FINATTI, HEAD OF ALTER PILOT UNION, which represents 15 Air France pilots, said that the first of these messages pointed to a problem with the pitot tubes and urged its pilots to stop flying Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft until the old sensors were replaced and the Air France company has since committed itself to a swift change-out, a union official said:
"Air France has provided us with an extremely proactive and very accelerated replacement program," said Erick Derivry, spokesman of the main SNPL pilots union.
Air France pilots told all jets taking off on Tuesday would be equipped with two of the new pitot sensors.