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Scammer's Reaction after being Hacked

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2023-08-28 16:47 9,653,734 Youtube

The Angriest Scammer I've Called (30 mins of rage)

A few months ago I posted a video of the angriest scammer I ever called. A lot of people were asking for a shorter "rage" version and it was shocking to me just...

2021-05-28 30:06 7,237,305 Youtube


While teasing this scammer with what he thought was ALMOST all my credit card info, I had him by the balls as I wasted a good chunk of his day with my made up d...

2016-05-28 06:42 9,227,148 Youtube

The Angriest Scammer I've Ever Called: Steve

I've called thousands of scammers over the past few years and this guy is easily the angriest. After spending 10 hours with "Steve" I'm pretty sure he lost his ...

2021-05-28 24:46 18,397,286 Youtube

The Art of Making a Scammer Rage Quit

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2023-11-28 16:18 1,033,091 Youtube