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Abhijit Chavda Aliens ISRO Aur Crazy

@AbhijitChavda- Aliens, ISRO Aur Crazy Science | The Ranveer Show हिंदी 99

Abhijit Chavda - Dark India-Pakistan History NOT Taught To YOU in School: The World is F*cked - Abhijit Chavda Geopolitics Update:...

2023-03-05 08:14 2,877,246 Youtube

Aliens, Time Travel & Parallel Universes ft. Abhijit Chavda | The Ranveer Show 112

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2022-03-05 57:15 1,817,094 Youtube

Aliens, Time Travel, Mysteries Of Egypt And Indian History Ft. @AbhijitChavda RealTalk S02 Ep37

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2023-08-05 50:11 1,740,218 Youtube

Do Aliens Exist? ISRO Scientist Reveals The TRUTH

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2023-04-05 13:19 800,335 Youtube

ISRO Scientist Jijith Nadumuri - Reality Of Aliens, Time Travel & Chandrayaan 3| The Ranveer Show292

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2023-04-05 23:45 992,738 Youtube

Indian scientists discover massive alien planet, 13 times larger than Jupiter | PRL | Oneindia News

Scientists have discovered a planet that is 13 times bigger than Jupiter. An international team of scientists led by Professor Abhijit Chakraborty of the Physic...

2023-05-30 03:01 1 Dailymotion

non merciful lion attacks a buffalo when it gives birth , the brave mother defends her baby

A lion attacking a buffalo while it gives birth and a buffalo defending its young►MD...

2022-04-06 05:44 13 Dailymotion

15 Drastically Unbelievable Moments Of A Predator Hunting

Predators are always on the warpath because they need to survive. Just like humans go to work every day to earn a living so they can eat, predators hunt every d...

2022-04-06 03:07 7 Dailymotion