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Abhijit Chavda Aliens ISRO Aur Crazy

@AbhijitChavda- Aliens, ISRO Aur Crazy Science | The Ranveer Show हिंदी 99

Abhijit Chavda - Dark India-Pakistan History NOT Taught To YOU in School: The World is F*cked - Abhijit Chavda Geopolitics Update:...

2022-07-29 08:14 1,768,617 Youtube

#AskAbhijit 4: UFOs, Aliens, Mars Colonization, Space Travel

Episode 4 of the #AskAbhijit show: UFOs, Aliens, Mars Colonization, Space Travel and more. 🕉️🕉️ Join my Introductory Course on Indian History: Bharat...

2022-01-29 29:31 66,585 Youtube

Where Are The ALIENS? - Complete Theory Explained ft. Abhijit Chavda | TRS Clips 934

Watch The Full Episode Here: 🎧 Listen To #TheRanveerShow On Spotify: ✅...

2022-01-29 07:46 203,382 Youtube

Aliens, Time Travel & Parallel Universes ft. Abhijit Chavda | The Ranveer Show 112

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2022-01-29 57:15 1,528,026 Youtube

Why Far-Away Aliens CAN'T SEE US

From Episode 112 of #AskAbhijit. WATCH FULL EPISODE: #AskAbhijit 112: Science, Physics, Technology, AI ► SUBSCRIBE to this chan...

2022-07-29 01:36 2,185 Youtube

Top 10 Moments Lions are Killed by Their Prey

Lions approach animals to prey. Lions are merciless to other animals►MDLions are known as the king of the wild savannah. They must have sharp senses, speed, s...

2022-04-06 10:05 433 Dailymotion

15 Drastically Unbelievable Moments Of A Predator Hunting

Predators are always on the warpath because they need to survive. Just like humans go to work every day to earn a living so they can eat, predators hunt every d...

2022-04-06 03:07 239 Dailymotion

non merciful lion attacks a buffalo when it gives birth , the brave mother defends her baby

A lion attacking a buffalo while it gives birth and a buffalo defending its young►MD...

2022-04-06 05:44 5,329 Dailymotion

the most insane between lion and buffaloes

One of the most powerful scenes in the animal world is the attacks of lions►MD...

2022-04-06 06:39 438 Dailymotion

most insane fight between lions and giraffe

When lions attack a giraffe, they are absolutely cruel Amazing Animal World►MD...

2022-04-06 05:14 231 Dailymotion