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FBI On High Alert After Threats Of

FBI on high alert after threats of violence against law enforcement in wake of Mar-a-Lago search

A joint memo from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, sent to law enforcement across the nation, warned of growing threats against them in the wake...

2022-08-29 02:12 1,392,474 Youtube

FBI Trump raid latest: Agencies warn of threats

Law enforcement agencies have been warned to be on high alert in light of reactions to the raid on Trump's Mar-A-Lago home....

2022-08-29 00:36 2,526 Youtube

Federal law enforcement on high alert, fences and barriers placed at FBI headquarters

A joint FBI Homeland Security memo was sent to law enforcement across the country to warn of the many threats....

2022-08-29 01:49 25,333 Youtube

New details: Increase in threats putting FBI and Homeland Security on high alert

The agencies facing are criticism after the FBI raid on Trump's Mar-A-Lago property....

2022-08-29 01:18 1,415 Youtube

NJ synagogues remain on high alert after FBI warns aboutcredible threat

Synagogues in New Jersey are maintaining security after the FBI warned the public of a credible threat to synagogues in the state. Chec...

2022-11-08 01:05 910 Youtube

France on high alert security alert after ISIL threats

France is on high security alert after threats made by the Islamic State militant movement.Soldiers are patrolling key sites, as Paris vows to continue its figh...

2014-09-24 01:02 30 Dailymotion

India on high alert after al-Qaeda threats


2018-02-26 02:16 2 Dailymotion

India on high alert after al-Qaeda threats

Several provinces put on high alert day after al-Qaeda chief announced formation of Indian branch of global armed group. Subscribe to our channel

2014-09-05 02:16 25 Dailymotion



2021-11-17 01:19 0 Dailymotion

City on high alert after Taliban threat

City on high alert after Taliban threat...

2012-11-29 07:19 29 Dailymotion