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Hayden Panettiere Says Losing Custody

Hayden Panettiere Says Losing Custody of Daughter Wasn't 'Fully' Her Choice

Hayden Panettiere gets candid about what she calls her ‘heartbreaking’ decision to relinquish custody of her daughter on ‘Red Table Talk.’ The ‘Nashvi...

2022-09-29 04:28 171,789 Youtube

Hayden Panettiere Talks "Heartbreaking" Custody Decision | E! News

Hayden Panettiere reflects on difficult choice to relinquish custody of her daughter to ex Wladimir Klitschko who has full custody on Facebook Watch's "Red Tabl...

2022-09-29 02:01 91,757 Youtube

Hayden Panettiere opens up about struggles with alcoholism, postpartum depression | Nightline

The “Nashville” star is ready to take center stage, starring in the upcoming "Scream 6", after a four-year long break from acting to focus on recovery. WAT...

2022-07-29 07:30 730,457 Youtube

Hayden Panettiere Gives Misleading Custody Interview on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith

Hayden Panettiere was on Red Table Talk Capping. As someone who has experience with child custody her story is not making sense. //TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: htt...

2022-10-29 05:25 1,396 Youtube

Hayden Panettiere On Giving Up Custody Of Daughter Kaya

Hayden Panettiere is getting candid about the custody arrangements surrounding her seven-year-old daughter Kaya. In a preview clip for this week's "Red Table Ta...

2022-09-29 02:39 28,029 Youtube

Hayden Panettiere Says Losing Custody of Daughter Kaya Wasn't 'Fully' Her Choice (Exclusive) - 1brea

The actress shares 7-year-old daughter Kaya with ex Wladimir Klitschko.VIEW MORE :

2022-09-28 02:04 11 Dailymotion

Hayden Panettiere Says Relinquishing Custody of Daughter Was the 'Most Heartbreaking Thing'

The actress opens up for the first time about custody of her only child, daughter Kaya, and having Kaya live with ex Wladimir Klitschko...

2022-09-27 01:02 61 Dailymotion

Hayden Panettiere reflects on 'heartbreaking' decision to relinquish custody -

Hayden Panettiere spoke on "Red Table Talk" of the "heartbreaking" moment she relinquished custody of her daughter, Kaya, to Wladimir Klitschko.VIEW MORE : http...

2022-09-27 02:34 3 Dailymotion

Hayden Panettiere Says Her Future Kids Will Be Normal Height

Hayden Panettiere and her fiancé Wladimir Klitschko, while quite the attractive couple, have a pretty noticeable height difference. But in a recent interview, ...

2013-11-27 00:55 6,136 Dailymotion

Hayden Panettiere Slams Twitter And Says Twerking Increases Global Warming

Hayden Panettiere is not hesitant to speak up as she chides the press for following Twitter buzz and missing the important issues....

2013-10-22 00:39 542 Dailymotion