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The Origin of "Spilling the Beans"

Discover the fascinating ancient Greek origin of the idiom "spilling the beans." Learn how a voting mishap led to this phrase meaning to reveal a secret! #ancie...

2024-05-26 00:33 11,004 Youtube

Why Normal Humans are BRAVER than Space Marines! The Battle of Veridia #warhammer40k #lore

#lore #explained #warhammer40k #warhammerlore #40klore #wh40k...

2024-05-25 01:00 21,212 Youtube

Parroting behaviour! Wild cockatoos do their thing!

The every crazy antics of the cheeky wild cockatoos #birb #parrot #bird #cockatoos Music: Lose Control Musician: AlexiAction URL:

2024-05-25 00:36 249 Youtube


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we could all be free

This is a simple memory of a trip to costa rica with my family made with a phone, imovie and wonderful landscapes trough out the country. We should never forget...

2015-04-06 07:09 1 Dailymotion

Marrissia Holliday - All that we could be

If only you knew what you mean to me.. If only you opened your eyes Then maybe you would see all we could be We could be forever, We could be one in a million...

2014-11-10 01:15 2 Dailymotion

Zachary Levi: ‘We all believed we could be superheros'

American actor Zachary Levi discusses his new role in the upcoming superhero film ‘Shazam!’ and which villain he would like to play Report by Avagninag. Lik...

2019-03-20 02:28 92 Dailymotion

why we should all be stoners

being a stoner is better than life baby...

2017-08-14 05:22 3 Dailymotion

Here's Why Your Razor Could Be Blamed For An STI

A new study suggests a link between pubic hair grooming and Sexually Transmitted Infections. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story....

2016-12-07 01:17 1 Dailymotion